How to #SXSWesteros

Short version:

1) Follow @SXSWesteros on Twitter.

2) Tweet about what you’re seeing at the Seven Kingdom’s most talked about conference.

Longer version:

#SXSWesteros is a mashup of Game of Thrones and the yearly SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas.

SXSWi features five days of panel discussions, presentations and parties revolving around the web, new technology and a lot of barbequed meat.

Some events scheduled for this year include:

Your Brain on Multitasking
Can You Tweet That? Social Media and the Law
Glomper Recharge Hangover Party
TechKaraoke SXSW
Can Growing a Moustache Change the World?
Tech Detox: Can You Survive a Day w/o Technology?

For more examples, here’s the full schedule.

#SXSWesteros asks the question:

What if a similar event was held in the Seven Kingdoms?

What sort of panel discussions would there be?

What kind of keynote addresses? What parties? What mischief?

To play along, simply act as if #SXSWesteros is happening… and YOU are there.

Tweet about what panels you see. What parties you are attending. Who is hanging out with whom.

Make sure all of your posts include the hashtag #SXSWesteros.

For example:

The conference starts on Friday March 9th and runs through Tuesday March 13th. Follow the @SXSWesteors twitter account for official updates, prompts and guidelines.

Please focus your posts on the first season of the HBO television series “Game of Thrones” and not the later volumes of the book series. Try to avoid spoilers whenever possible.

To get an idea of what sorts of things you can post about, take a look at last year’s event, a mashup of SXSWi and Star Wars.

Don’t forget: Have fun. See what your fellow #SXSWesteros-goers are talking about, and engage them. The more you work together, the better the experience.

Thank you for playing. And remember…

Austin Is Coming.

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